Pandemic Measures 2020-21

(ENDED JUNE 30, 2021)

Pandemic Measures 2020-21

NOTE: The Circle School no longer requires masks and other pandemic precautions, and is now open for enrollment of new students. The information on this page is now OBSOLETE. (Hooray!) June 2021


Clean air indoors, fresh air outdoors, sanitized surfaces, symptom checks daily, easy money policies, enrollment options, and more. Here’s what’s up.

INDOOR AIR TREATMENT. Indoor air quality was already excellent in our newly constructed building. Now we’ve added NEEDLEPOINT BIPOLAR IONIZATION for continuous removal of pathogens and aerosol particles. Installed on all five of the building’s air handlers, this technology has been shown to disable and remove airborne viruses, including SARS-CoV-2, the new coronavirus. Click here to learn more.

UNLIMITED OUTDOOR TIME. Fresh air is good for health! On our 8-acre campus, the outdoors has always been inviting. To make it even more so, new attractions have been added or planned: large semi-permanent tents, an outdoor eatery (complete with microwave oven and water dispenser), outdoor wifi, more picnic tables all over the place, gaga pit, foam noodles for arms-length games, sandboxes, swingset, maybe an outdoor stage, maybe a bridge-building project over the creek. Of course, there’s still the soccer field, tether ball, sledding hill, basketball half-court / skating area, sports equipment, and three acres of woods!

OPTIONAL HYBRID ENROLLMENT, ON & OFF CAMPUS. Attend on campus three days per week, off campus two days per week. Pay 75% of full-time tuition. Increase to full-time on campus any time (with full-time tuition). During off-campus days, students (a) will have access to selected online facilities, IF ANY ARE AVAILABLE, such as the Zoom Commons and Discord server, with NO GUARANTEE that any such facilities will be available or consistently maintained; and (b) may participate virtually in discussion groups, classes, and other meetings, subject to availability of the technology and people to manage it, and there is NO GUARANTEE that either will be available.

HEALTH & SAFETY PLAN with provisions such as face coverings, desk shields, reduced room capacities, daily symptom checks, sanitizing surfaces three times per day, and dozens more. For details, download the Health & Safety Plan (rev February 03, 2021).

“PICK TWO” PROTOCOL. Change it up from moment to moment if you like, but always be choosing two out of three: (ONE) Wear a face covering. (TWO) Keep your airplane wings (6 feet apart). (THREE) Go outdoors. Any two will do!

TUITION REBATE FOR PANDEMIC CLOSURE. If the school closes due to the coronavirus pandemic, your tuition charges will be reduced in proportion to the duration of the closure. You can take the difference as a refund or a credit.

WITHDRAW AT ANY TIME with no financial penalty and one day’s notice. The usual 90-day notice requirement is waived, and the usual first-year commitment is waived. If you choose to withdraw, your tuition charges will be reduced proportionately and you will pay only for the time enrolled.

LIMITED ENROLLMENT. In 2020-21, enrollment is limited to allow 150 square feet per student in Yellow Phase and 100 square feet in Green Phase.

ABSENCES EXCUSED. Absences related to avoidance, prevention, treatment, and quarantine related to the pandemic shall be excused if explained as such, without requiring a doctor’s note and without limit as to the number of such absences.

PANDEMIC FINANCIAL AID. With pandemic-related financial assistance and individual arrangements, money will not stand in the way of being at The Circle School. Families who are financially affected by the pandemic are invited to submit a Pandemic Financial Assistance form. Read about financial aid here.

NOTE TO CURRENTLY ENROLLED FAMILIES: Click here for more about daily routines and tips to make school life easier.