Ends We Seek

Conditions we strive for

Ends We Seek


Students have abundant opportunity for personal fulfillment and societal engagement.

      • Community. Students experience fellowship, common culture, collective self‑governance, and shared responsibility.
      • Order. Students experience safety, order, and access to community resources.
      • Knowledge. Students have opportunity to develop knowledge and skills in self-chosen domains.
      • Staff. Students experience adults who dependably steward the program’s facilities, finances, and business; facilitate student access to resources; exemplify mature practice of personal fulfillment and societal engagement; and anchor school culture to values of interpersonal respect and trust in the natural impulse to self-actualize.


Students grow in many dimensions, such as physical, intellectual, emotional, social, and spiritual.

      • Personal fulfillment. Students increasingly actualize personal potentials, and seek satisfaction in self-chosen domains of activity, knowledge, and skill.
      • Engagement in society. Students develop increasingly fulfilling ways of participating in culture, community, and society.


Students enjoy natural rights of life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness, paralleling adult experience in the community beyond school.

      • Civil liberties. Students enjoy civil liberties such as freedoms of speech, press, thought, attention, religion, privacy, movement, association, and peaceable assembly.
      • Curriculum. Students are free of curricular coercion.


The daily school program is self‑governing, with authority and responsibility shared among the governed, students and staff alike.

      • Voice. All members of the daily school program—students and staff—enjoy equal rights of voice and vote in matters of governance and the common good.
      • Rule of law. All members of the daily school program are subject to the authority of school government according to duly adopted laws that are publicly disclosed in writing.
      • Responsibility. All members of the daily school program share responsibility for the common welfare.
      • Protection. All members of the daily school program enjoy equal protection and due process under school law.


Parents, educators, public policymakers, and the general public have access to information about the school and integral education, sufficient to facilitate understanding, replication, and adaptation.

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