Pandemic Tips for Circle Schoolers

Pandemic Tips for Circle Schoolers

Currently Enrolled Families: Here’s What You’ll Want to Know

At-Home Symptom Checks

Please perform at-home health checks EVERY MORNING BEFORE SCHOOL to screen for symptoms of COVID-19. If you are sick, or if someone in your household is sick, do not come to school! Click here to see the symptom screening recommended by the Department of Education, the same screening that is used for…

Arrival Screenings

Upon arrival at school each day, each student and each staff member undergoes a no-contact temperature check and the symptom screening mentioned above, and each receives their first hand sanitizer squirt of the day. When symptoms are reported or exhibited, the school follows Department of Education guidance (“Responding to Confirmed or Probable Cases”) about exclusion from school and when it’s okay to return to school.

Remain in the Lobby or Do Curbside Pickup

Parents: When you arrive for drop-offs, pickups, and other brief business, please bring and wear a face covering and remain in the lobby, vestibule, or outdoors near the main entrance. If practical at pickup time, alert your passengers by phone or text, and then wait in the parking area. Or park at curbside near the front door if it’s not around bus time (2:45 to 3:30).

Masks & Face Coverings

All students, staff, and visitors are required to bring and wear face coverings (masks or face shields), except while eating and when outdoors with 6-foot distancing. Masks are also required on all school district buses.

Family Reporting

Families are asked and expected to promptly notify the school of confirmed and suspected COVID-19 cases within the household, as well as close contact with known or suspected cases. The school will notify you of cases among students and staff as known to the school (with information anonymized).


Absences related to avoidance, prevention, treatment, and quarantine related to the pandemic are excused if explained as such, without requiring a doctor’s note and without limit as to the number of such absences.

For a summary of what The Circle School is doing to make the school as pandemic-safe and fun as possibleclick here!


Other Helpful Hints

WATER. Be sure to bring a water bottle, since water fountains are turned off for now. Remember, water is the only beverage allowed in carpeted rooms!

LUNCH. A microwave, toaster, and refrigerator are available for use, but this year, be sure to bring your own dishes and silverware! Cooking Corporation dishes and silverware are not available for use. Pack your lunch as if you are going on a picnic, including utensils, plates, and bowls. Ramen noodle eaters: microwaving in Styrofoam cups (such as Cup-of-Noodles) is not permitted. Bring a sturdy, microwavable bowl to cook your ramen, or cook it at home and bring it in a Tupperware container for easy reheating.

SPARE CLOTHES AND MASKS. Keep them at school in a transparent bag with the owner’s name on the outside and store it on a shelf in the big bathroom (#8, near the north doors). Makes it easier when the need arises: water play, mud, food spills, art projects, and more!

OUTDOOR SUPPLIES. With spacious tents and outdoor WiFi now set up at school, consider increased time outdoors when packing your backpack this year! Sunscreen, bug spray, sunglasses, and hats are recommended.

LOST & FOUND. Lost & Found boxes are located in the Commons. At the end of each calendar month, the boxes are emptied and the items are stored in the storage room for a one-month grace period, during which any student may retrieve their items with the help of the Facilities Manager for a nuisance fee of one dollar. At the end of the month-long grace period, items are taken to charity organizations or thrown away. So, if you’re missing something, check the Lost & Found in the Commons first! If it’s not there, you may want to pay that dollar to check the storage room if the item may have been lost in the previous month. And it’s a good idea to check the Lost & Found at the end of each month just in case, before the items move to storage.