Make a payment

Bank draft, Paypal, credit card

Make a payment

Use this page to make a payment using PAYPAL, CREDIT CARD, or BANK DRAFT below. (To make a DONATION, one-time or monthly, or to change an existing monthly donation, click here.)


(You can make a credit card payment through Paypal even if you don’t have a Paypal account.) To make a payment using PayPal (including credit card), enter the description here and click the Pay Now button:

What are you paying for thru Paypal?
Anything else we should know?



For amounts of at least $100, you may pay electronically from your bank account, with no fee. (A fee of $15 is added to amounts of less than $100.) Complete the following and click the Submit button:

If you have any questions about this form or the payment process, please contact the school office at 717-564-6700 or