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Lily C, Cool Things Outside Corporation Chairperson

I’m Lily C, and I am the chair and founder of Cool Things Outside Corporation. [“Corporations” at The Circle School are like clubs or interest groups. -Editor] I created this corporation four years ago, when the school was still at its old campus. I wanted to make sure we had cool things outside at our new campus. For the last year and a half, we’ve been working towards getting a swingset  – doing research, fundraising, and getting permissions from School Meeting every step of the way. We’ve worked really hard and now we are excited about our crowdfunding campaign to help us raise the money we need to make our dream come true.

Now, about the crowdfunding video we made. A few months ago, we met to create a storyboard and outline of a script, which was then approved by the PR Committee. We came up with lots of possible names for the campaign, and decided on “Cool Things Outside Dreams of Flying.” Filming took place in various locations, and then I spent many hours editing and putting it all together. The final product also had to be approved by PR Committee, as did the rest of the content on the crowdfunding site. We were so excited when we got the approval to launch it! I hope you will check it out!

-Lily C

NOTE: You can check out the Cool Things Outside Corporation’s crowdfunding campaign and video here.

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