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When Kids Rule the School

The Power and Promise of Democratic Education

by Circle School co-founder and staff member
Jim Rietmulder (New Society Publishers, 2019, $19.99)

How self-directed democratic schooling builds fulfilling lives and leads the way to civilized society

When Kids Rule the School is an introduction and guide to self-directed democratic schooling, where kids practice life in a self-governed society: empowered as voters, bound by laws, challenged by choice, supported by community, and driven by nature. Through heartwarming stories and hard-headed details, this book walks you through the ideas and the day-to-day reality of democratic schooling. For parents, educators, policymakers, Integral theorists, and concerned citizens, learn how democratic schooling builds fulfilling lives and leads the way to civil society, including:

  • Democratic schooling philosophy, theory, and practice
  • How democratic schools overcome the standard school limitations of coercive curriculum and one-size-fits-all
  • School governance by students and staff together
  • Student self-direction and day-to-day life
  • The strong connection between play and critical thinking
  • Why democratic schooling is morally right and practically effective
  • Model bylaws and guidance for starting a democratic school.

When Kids Rule the School will immerse you, heart and mind, in a promising new approach to education, and stretch your thinking about what school can be.

Available for purchase in the school office, or from your favorite bookseller.