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I was glad to come across this article reminding me how helpful it is to stay calm when interacting with others, especially when it is most difficult to do so!

Re-framing my thinking to make it easier to remember others are not intentionally out to annoy me, but often are simply experimenting and exploring ways of interacting. The calmer I am when I give feedback, the better it all works out.

Acknowledging my own feelings can also slow me down and offer feedback that is more likely to be heard and less likely to put the other person in defensive combat mode.

Good reminders all around!

4 Tools to Help You Stay Calm with Your Difficult Child

What’s one of the keys to avoiding constant fights with your child? Believe it or not, it’s the same skill that will help you through any crisis situation—your ability to remain calm. When your child is upset, anxious or angry, keeping your cool is half the battle. It’s a way for you to put out the fire by throwing water on the flames, rather than fan it by adding more fuel from your own emotional tank.

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